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Electric Pallet Stackers

ECL10 1000 Stacker

Noblelift Pallet Stacker
€3400+vat Black Friday Deal

  • Lift Capacity: 1000kg
  • Fork Dimensions: 570x1150mm
  • Available in 1.6m/2.9m/3.5m
  • Hard wearing poly wheels
  • Integrated on-board charger
  • Ergonomic tiler head
  • 2x12V/85Ah AGM Semi Traction

Edge 1200kg Stacker

Noblelift Pallet Stacker
€4000+vat (€4,920.00+vat)

  • Lift Capacity: 1200kg
  • Fork Dimensions: 570x1150mm
  • Available in 2.9m & 3.6m masts
  • Built-in charger
  • Wheels: Single D84x93mm
  • 4 Wheels
  • Centre tiler position

ECL15 1500kg Stacker

Noblelift Pallet Stacker
€4500+vat (€5,535.00+vat)

  • Lift Capacity: 1500kg
  • Fork Dimensions: 570x1150mm
  • Available in 2.9m/3.2m/3.6m
  • Wheels: Tandem D80x70mm
  • Built-in charger
  • Excellent for mezzanine
  • Heavy duty stacker
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Noblelift Electric
Pallet Stackers

  • The elite pallet stacker used by industry professionals
  • Industrial standard pallet lifter for optimal performance
  • 12 Month Warranty

Market Leaders for Electric Pallet Stackers in Ireland

Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland has gained a progressive traction in supplying each and every sector of industry across Ireland with our machines. The demand has been phenomenal and we are extremely delighted knowing that our pallet stackers are developing such an honest and reliable reputation within the network.

We are confident that our range of Noblelift Pallet Stackers will meet your requirements and then some. 

For more information please contact shane@episales.ie or 087 366 2231

Manual Pallet Stackers

Straddle Stacker

€1395+vat (€1,715.85+vat)

  • Load capacity: 1000kg
  • Lift height: 1500mm
  • Fork length: 1150mm
  • Fork width: 540mm
  • Weight: 390kg

Drum Stacker

€949+vat (€1,167.27+vat)

  • Load capacity 400kg
  • Double-action hydraulic pump
  • Lifting height: 1350mm
  • Minimum height: 1960mm
  • Maximum height: 1960mm

Euro Pallet Lifter

€849+vat (€1,044.27+vat)

  • Load capacity 1000kg
  • 1.6m Mast Height
  • Machine material Steel
  • Number of fork wheels 2
  • Turning circle 1590mm
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